Plumbing TipsWhat Professional Plumbers Should Always Tell You

What Professional Plumbers Should Always Tell You

No one likes secrets. Especially when those secrets are being kept by a contractor regarding repairs or improvements to your home. Factors like how long the repair might take, the cost for the materials needed, and other repair options that should be considered can make or break a budget and make or break your trust in a company. 

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, water heater repair or clogged drain service, you deserve to be informed each step of the way. Professional plumbing companies should be happy to keep you in the loop regarding your repair status—and you have the right to ask if you have any questions.

A professional plumber should always be able to tell you these five things when working on a repair or renovation job at your home or business.

Ballpark Time of Arrival

Contractors typically do not schedule precise appointment times since it is difficult to narrow in on an exact time frame each job that comes before it will take. Most professional plumbers are able to schedule arrivals within a several-hour window, however. If the company you contact does not offer a ballpark time of arrival, ask. Professional contractors respect that their clients’ time is valuable, too.   

Repair Options

Once a plumbing company has had the opportunity to inspect the work that needs to be done, a professional contractor will review repair or upgrade options with you. Unless the job only has one repair option, this step should not be overlooked. Professional contractors understand that some clients may be working with a smaller budget and others may prefer the best-of-the-best in materials. Neither option should be assumed. If you think there are multiple options for your repair or different types of materials that can be used in your renovation, make this discussion a priority before the work begins.

Price Estimates

Sometimes unexpected problems arise, especially when working on larger jobs like a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Estimates, however, should be readily available. These include price estimates for the materials needed and the labor to complete the job. If the job requires more materials or hours of work than initially quoted, your professional contractor should keep you up-to-date about these changes and provide new estimates.   

Job Timeframe

A job timeframe is also an estimate. Professional contractors strive to adhere to these timeframes, both for your sake and in order to stay on track with their own schedule of upcoming jobs. Any plumbing job, whether it be a two-day repair or a month-long bathroom remodel, should include an up-front job timeframe, with the understanding that the completion date might need to be modified along the way for unexpected circumstances.

Contractor Credentials

Most importantly, a contractor should never hide his or her credentials. If you’re curious about a professional’s licensing and training for the job you need done, simply ask. It is important for you to feel confident in the professional who’s contracted to work in your home or business.

Experienced and trusted contractors enjoy working with their clients and answering questions along the way in order to provide standout customer service. Professional plumbers, like those of Glenrose Plumbing Service, respect your time and budget and aim to keep clients confident in the quality of work they deliver.

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