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We Offer Expert Commercial Plumbing Services

Glenrose Plumbing Service,  with many years’ experience in commercial plumbing applications, offers solutions that enable our Eastern WA, and North Idaho area clients to control plumbing costs through proactive preventative maintenance and immediate, on-the-scene response to sudden problems that may occur.

In addition, we are experts in assuring compliance with the current government safety regulations and environmental mandates that are in place. Avoiding fines and penalties associated with non-compliance is another way that we safeguard unnecessary plumbing expenditures.

Call us if you are anywhere in the Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, and Post Falls; we are ready to exceed your expectations.

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North Idaho
Spokane, WA

OUR INSTALLATION & REPAIR SERVICESSpecific Commercial Plumbing Services

Fixtures repair and replacement
Water heater repair and replacement
Inefficient device upgrades
Water and gas leak detection
Hydrojet preventative maintenance
Back-flow certification
Camera service

OUR DRAIN & SEWER SERVICESSpecific Commercial Drain & Sewer Services

Drain cleaning
Grease trap replacement
Preventative drain treatment
Back-flow testing
Inline video sewer inspection
Sewer repair and replacement
Drain treatment